VDX.tv: Transforming the Way Brands Connect with Relevant Consumers

CIO Vendor In the face of increased competition for attention on digital channels, companies often struggle to reach the right decision-makers on the right channels and drive desired outcomes. The ability to connect on screen in an effective way, soliciting not only an emotional connection but a lean-in engagement and interaction with a brand, impacts a business’ bottom line.

Operating in 15 countries worldwide, VDX.tv is a global advertising technology company that specializes in scaling its suite of VDX video-driven ad formats across CTV, desktop and mobile. Established in 2001, Exponential has long been a pioneer in the ad tech space and in March 2020, launched with a new name, VDX.tv. This name represents not only our flagship, proprietary video ad format called VDX (which stands for “Video-Driven Experiences”), but also our transition into a true omnichannel solution for brands. VDX.tv captivates viewers with ad formats that are 40% more memorable* than standard pre-roll, and ultimately convert that awareness into lower-funnel brand objectives through interactive elements in the creative unit.

The layout of the VDX ad format allows for a branded canvas to appear alongside the video. Additional space on the unit through secondary tabs allow the user to interact within the unit; for example, browsing a recipe gallery or showcasing different model features and much more. We are keenly aware that different verticals require different solutions, which is why our VDX ad formats are built exclusively for each campaign based on desired results, from driving online food orders to increasing awareness for a new product line. VDX works
to amplify your TV messaging across all devices, enabling a deeper connection and better experience for the consumer by making the ads more relevant.

Thanks to a rich history in ad tech, the company has developed a multidimensional approach to targeting and reaching the right household and consumer. VDX’s data management technology merges exclusive interest-based audience data with 1st and 3rd party data to reveal the ideal audience for an advertiser’s campaign. For every ad call, personalized messaging is created, making the ad more relevant. In the background, optimization technology is constantly working to analyze consumer and household interests based on where they are in the consumer journey.

VDX.tv recognizes that video is one of the most impactful tools advertisers have today

VDX.tv recognizes that video is one of the most impactful tools advertisers have today. With the right brand messaging seamlessly delivered through a video-driven experience across CTV, desktop and mobile, a powerful brand halo effect can be created. This means that all screens make all the difference in driving results. Results from a study with research firm MediaScience show a 150% lift in brand awareness when CTV is included with desktop and mobile in the advertising media mix.

“As we have in-depth industry experience over the last 20 years, our advertising intelligence platform not only helps to use the historical data but also helps us in optimizing in running the campaigns. Our goal and strategy is to pivot the business, focusing more intently to build partnerships with clients directly. I have seen firsthand that as we continue to build these brand partnerships, we are able to drive more meaningful and impactful campaigns that ultimately drive better results.” concludes Amritpal Bedi, Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Country Head, India.