Appsflyer: Increasing Campaign Efficacy With independent And Unbiased Mobile Attribution

CIO Vendor In today’s modern era, marketers are increasingly adopting marketing tech stack tools to better achieve a holistic view of the aggregated user’s activity data and utilize it effectively. This trend is helping marketers increase marketing efficiency, enhance ROI, improve decision-making and ensure better data security. Mobile attribution is one of the core components in the growth stack for app marketing and mobile marketing. The application needs to be customized to the business and its set KPIs. In essence, identifying users across various online and offline channels and monitoring their activity plays a pivotal role in digital advertising.

It permits advertisers to attain a better understanding of the target audience and their interaction with the brand and consequently, enhance the customer journey. While it is through the blend of technology and data that marketers and advertisers are equipped to more precisely attribute conversions, most solution provider’s offerings are not unbiased. Most solution providers’ interests are compromised as they simultaneously work with advertisers to help them monitor their performance while also being aligned with mobile attribution platforms.

Carving a niche for itself in this sector is AppsFlyer, headquartered in California with over 19 offices across the globe, with its novel mobile attribution platform. “We offer a 100 percent independent and unbiased platform. We are an independent third-party platform
to help advertisers to monitor their ROI and effectively optimize their ad campaigns to achieve higher ROI,” informs Sanjay Trisal, Country Manager, AppsFlyer.

This is what he believes is one of the four key tenets that helps AppsFlyer, an attribution and marketing analytics titan, commands the market presence it enjoys today. The company tracked over 28 billion spend in 2020 on their highly robust and scalable platform. The company takes pride in its portfolio of over 7000 integrated partners that enable advertisers to scale their campaigns on a global level with ease. “Additionally, with regards to scalability, there is a something called transaction or actions where we normally track a whopping one trillion actions in a month. So, that is the scale at which AppsFlyer operates. This is a huge USP. More-over, we thrive on providing 100 percent accurate data. So, you can optimize your campaigns accordingly,” says Sanjay.

Marketing is a big task without analysis. Appsflyer will do it in a simple task

Assuring Customer Satisfaction
Incepted in 2010, the company always employs a customer centric approach where a dedicated team of professionals helps brands and technology partners make better business decisions. Perfectly aware of the inhibitions most customers have towards data privacy, the offering ensures impenetrable security of data. The company has gained quite a strong foothold within the Indian market since its establishment in India in 2015. The company has over 80 to 85 percent market share in India from different industry verticals. “We do not have any financial interest in any media partners. We are independently invested by firms that have no interest in that market,” adds Sanjay.

The company strives to continue helping brands and technology partners in this domain with its cutting-edge offerings and adhere to the tenets the company so strongly believes in.