UnboundB2B: Ensuring Higher ROI with High Quality Lead Generation

CIO Vendor Business-to-business (B2B) organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of data collection, analysis and reporting with data increasingly acting as the key decision maker in the marketing space. Quality data, when successfully leveraged, is generating the desired revenue within the organization and improving existing products and services to make them more profitable. In fact, B2B marketing professionals have recognized that a lack of quality data has resulted as a significant deterrent to lead generation. Businesses need to steer their focus to relevant result-driven marketing metrics such as conversion rate, marketing-qualified leads (MQL), sales-qualified leads (SQL), qualified leads per marketing channel and ROI of specific marketing efforts.

Helping B2B organizations achieve their business goals is UnboundB2B. Having offices in California, USA and Pune, India, it provides end-to-end solution to all the sales and marketing requirements including creation of demand generation campaigns to fulfil clients’ top of the funnel MQL leads, HQL (High-Quality Lead) and SQL requirements.

“For any company, the hardest part of marketing is to generate ‘leads’ and we do just that for our clients. Depending on their marketing strategy, we provide services to generate top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel leads which are MQL, HQL and SQL,” says Rameshwar Sahu, Co-founder and CEO of UnboundB2B. The company harnesses the power of BI, Data, Internet and Human Resources in tandem with industries best practices to deliver meaningful insights and analytics.

The team at UnboundB2B use lead scoring systems, cookies, email tracking tools, validation tools and content engagement tools to attain additional insights for clients. These filtered leads generate higher ROI on the marketing programs. Solely as a pay-for-performance company, the company prides itself on its fully owned contact centre which helps in further nurturing the leads for the clients that may need personalized
services like appointment generation. Rameshwar goes on to tell us how his team ceaselessly work towards growing its database, audience size and screening the amalgamated data points through multiple levels of QA processes thereby producing close to 40,000 B2B leads a month.

Depending on their marketing strategy, we provide services to generate top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel leads which are MQL, HQL and SQL

The processes and services offered by the company have been developed through its years of experience in the industry and multiple iterations to further perfect them. Nishant Agarwal, Co-founder and CSO of UnboundB2B goes on to add, “All our services are supported by our reach of more than 60 Million B2B audiences globally broken down by functions like Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and so on, additionally we are continuously making investment in machine learning to create targeting models. Once they are ready it is likely to further boost the ROI for our customers”

Looking forward to continuing making significant contributions in the marketing technology space, the team envisions delivering around 80,000 leads a month by the first quarter of 2020. Gearing itself for the future ahead, UnboundB2B has already shifted into a larger facility in June 2019 and will expand its sales office in California in the next few months thus enabling better communication channels to its customers across the globe.