MangoData: Translating Data into Meaningful Information via Data Intelligence Platform

Alok Pabalkar, Co-founder & CTO

India is witnessing a significant growth of digital market as well as mobile marketing in the last few years with the permeation of smart gadgets. The trend in increasing mobile engagement levels, whether it is through apps or websites is directly proportional to the number of consumers. Businesses are now looking at ways to harness meaningful insights and information out of this data. However, it has been estimated that only three percent of data is being tagged and approximately only a crushing 0.5 percent is used for analysis and decision making.

“Tagging and analysing data to extract actionable information, deeper consumer insights and improving the overall ROI of the marketing campaigns has become a key challenge,” informs Alok Pabalkar, Co-founder and CTO, MangoData. Eliminating the Adtech industry woes, is Gurugram, Haryana headquartered MangoData that facilitates businesses with its innovative AI driven digital Marketing solutions designed specifically for Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers via its proprietary AI driven, Data Intelligent Platform, SLICE.

In a nutshell, the platform permits marketers to drive consumer acquisitions and engagements, buy, track, attribute, analyse, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile, Email, SMS, and Video. The platform has been engineered to assist every facet of the advertising industry. It provides a one stop solution to marketers. A
marketer is provided an AI assistant, to create a campaign strategy using historical data points and current bjectives. The marketer is offered a holistic view where one can analyse campaigns, executed across different channels like DSP, Affiliates, Publishers, SSP, AdServers, Facebook and Google, available on a single view dashboard. All this can be achieved with a very short learning curve using an intuitive UI. For Advertisers & Agencies, this tool can help retain all learnings and data, patterns of past campaigns, making it people agnostic. “The AI driven approach helps cut people and technology costs and also helps optimize time spent in reporting, hence improving efficiency and productivity of the team and save dollars,” reveals Alok.

"The platform has been engineered to assist every facet of the Advertising industry. It provides a one stop solution to marketers"

Another core offering extended by the company is the cloud based SLICE DMP solution which is seamlessly integrated with the Unified Campaign Management System and ingests data via Campaigns, SDK, CRM and LMS systems to build Audience personas. Alok explains that data tagging and identification is the key part of the system where engagements and actions on mobile apps and websites are utilized to tag the user to various segments and categories to help construct user behaviour patterns. The platform leverageson user lookalikes and uses Defragmentation Algorithms to analyse and unify duplicate profiles. “Our clients own their data and they can have it back when desired. Currently, no platform is able to do this,” adds Alok.

A recent entrant in the market, MangoData has cut out its future roadmap. Currently, the team is working on AI Based Chatbot as a service. The company also plans to delve into building audience persona analysis via image recognition, voice based campaign management and implementing blockchain based smart contracts for this ecosystem and AI Driven automated Marketing. In order to expand its reach, MangoData envisions strengthening its presence in Singapore for SEA and Dubai to cater to the Gulf Market.