Echidna, Inc.- Leveraging Digital Marketing Technology Solutions to Boost eCommerce Operations

CIO Vendor E-Commerce retailers exploit disruptive technology to engage their most valuable customers across all channels to deliver more sales and build loyalty. The emergence of digital marketing technology helps retailers target and engage their customers with predictive insight into their behaviour in a multichannel, multicultural retail environment. Echidna, an eCommerce solution provider, headquartered in Minneapolis, USA has paved its milestones in the digital marketing technology landscape to assist eCommerce enterprises with digital marketing solutions.

Echidna helps businesses engage with their customer and to amplify their brand

The company offers digital marketing solutions such as Search Marketing, Data driven Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Multi-channel strategy and Target Audience. Its Web Marketing expertise comprises Benchmarking and Discovery, Inbound Marketing and Customer Insights for eCommerce operations. Echidna plays vital role in Web Marketing services like Online Marketing, Marketing strategy, Email Marketing, Media Buying and Social Media marketing. It provides digital strategy, user research and experiences, mobile development, and business preparation or enablement services to its international clients.Echidna endeavours to establish accountability and trust with its clients.
It combines technical expertise with its deep knowledge ofeCommerce retailing to improve business of eCommerce enterprises. It helps each clients to do the best they can with opportunities, to bring digital and brand strategy together and create a comprehensive plan. The company takes holistic approach and establishes KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to its client’s business. The company identifies business objectives of the enterprises and keen insights to define their eCommerce and marketing roadmap.While coming to products and services, Echidna delivers innovative eCommerce solutions and helps its clients meet their immediate goals. The company considers business and customer perspective are the significant contexts to build multi-channel strategy. Understanding enterprise operational aspects, it works with business to define their digital framework and communication plan. Apart from multi-channel strategy, Social Media Marketing service of Echidna helps businesses engage with their customer and to amplify their brand. This marketing service helps enterprises target the customers with a fraction of paid media cost. The company considers Social Media Marketing service lies not just in the science behind data, but also helps enterprises to be innovative towards creative ideas. Additionally, Echidna’s Content marketing solution aids enterprises in attracting current and potential customers during the decision making process.

Digital marketing segment is evolving due to the proliferation of new technologies and Echidna is capable to adapt to the new environments. The company assists organization to revamp in the technology environment to become more agile in the digital marketing world. It understands innovation is the only constant factor to achieve business goals. Moreover, Echidna's team is comprised of vibrant, innovative, and dedicated talent with impressive experience in offering leading eCommerce operations, and providing services to hundreds of clients globally. Hence, its team helps eCommerce enterprises grab opportunities to grow in the digital marketing technology landscape.