Xeno: Offering more Personalized, Targeted and Result-Driven CRMs for Retail

CIO Vendor Just about five years back, the world was dominated by 95 percent of offline businesses, and brand sales were driven more by offline stores than online ones. Customers previously experience the brand physically, feel the product and trust it to make the purchase decisions. However, with the onset of digitization and rapid adoption of the same in the past few years, also fulled by the pan-demic, the customer behaviours have changed, and they have started to buy items more on online platforms than from offline retail stores. Now customers interact with brands on digital fronts, and their purchase decisions to some great extent depend on recommendations, reviews, popularity, price points, ratings, and others. Especially in countries like India, where more than 800 million people are using the internet and smartphones on a daily basis, the market from being offline predominant has drastically shifted to omnichannel. “Most brands aren't ready for the huge shift but are trying to invest as much as they can to build their online presence. The Marktech industry too must be cognizant of the shift from time and to time and align their offerings to cater to the needs of the market”, says Ayushmaan Kapoor, Co-founder, Xeno.

Personalization and reaching out to customers at the right time, with targeted information that they want to see and at the right platform are features that most CRMs don't offer. Xeno, with its next-generation CRM platform, caters to all such crucial needs of retailers and empowers them to understand their target audience, their purchase behaviours, platforms they shop from, what time they buy the products, and at what price point, their interest areas, and much more. With Xeno's platform, retailers can build a 360-degree view
of their customers across different stores, online channels, e-commerce, feedbacks, loyal-ties, orders, and others. This, in turn, helps the retailers to launch more targeted and rewarding campaigns and sell better through an omnichannel approach.

CEOs want to boost their business outcomes at the least cost possible. But most of them investing in CRMs struggle with understanding the returns on the money spent. Xeno came in to mitigate and offered its platforms to them, which helped them not only understand the returns on the amount spent to build customer relationships but points increased their returns manifold. “We brought all the data points of customers that are scattered across stores, channels and platforms in one place with Xeno's Customer Data Platform, built machine learning algorithm that seamlessly detected customer personas, identified reasons of business growth or dips and thereby under-stood problem statements and helped businesses curate unmatched strategies for growth,” he adds.

Xeno provides a cutting-edge next-generation CRM plat-form to offer retailers a 360-degree view of their customers across different stores, online channels, e-commerce, feedbacks, loyalties, orders, and others

Xeno helps retailers in targetted product launches and to achieve their business goals faster and better. The company has successfully helped a wide range of national and international brands such as Taco Bell, Colorbar, Lotto, Bestseller, Amante, and Barista in increasing their sales by 10 to 20 per cent. It has built more than 100 million profiles of customers for the retailers, and more than 500 million products have been captured on its platform through the cutting-edge technology that they use. Xeno works on a pay-for-performance model and takes the pay-cheque depending on the increased business due to Xeno's platform. In 2020, the company has witnessed 5x growth and looking at nearly 10x growth in the upcoming year.