TechXp : Offering Objective Driven Immersive Experiential Solutions

CIO Vendor One of the most dynamic forms of marketing available today is experiential marketing. Especially with the advancements in technologies, this form of marketing is creating experiences that are individualized, memorable and powerful. Experiential marketing is witnessing an upsurge across industries with the realization amongst brands about reaching out to their B2B and B2C target group of people around the world through effective brand customized solutions in a budget friendly way. It offers a more personal experience for one’s potential clients and customers. However, experiential technology firms are expected to offer tailor campaigns to a hyper-targeted audience allowing them to create personalized experiences that connect with consumers on a deep and emotional level. Hence, it depends on the competency of a particular firm to meet every expectation of a given client.

Leveraging latest technologies, TechXp has been at the forefront to bring in the needed innovation through its robust digital experiential solutions. The company has perfectly positioned itself to offer creative and immersive digital solutions, which is further backed by its state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the needs of today’s non-traditional marketing initiatives. These include Experiential Tech Solutions, Virtual Events and Expos, and Digital Studio Services.

Their humble journey started by providing AR and VR based tech solutions for on-ground events. And with the onset of pandemic, the firm has ventured into developing and managing brand customized virtual events for agencies in India and abroad. As far as its global presence is concerned, TechXP has offices in Australia and Doha and have successfully executed virtual events for agencies and clients across UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe and Philippines.
“Considering our long-standing associations with over 50+ agencies and having executed 5000+ virtual events, webinars, expos and round table workshops for domestic and international audiences we believe we are seen as one of the reliable tech companies who would always stand by our partners in helping execute their projects for their clients in the best possible way,” says the Ganesh Pande, Co-founder of the company.

“One of the major factors that set us apart is the documented and process oriented approach that we adopt for every project we undertake. Another being our sense of partnership, which is a strong culture every individual at TechXP diligently follows. Our exposure of having worked with multiple agencies across geographies helps us devise solutions and learnings which are at par or ahead of the curve,” he adds.

we believe we are seen as one of the reliable tech companies who would always stand by our partners in helping execute their projects for their clients in the best possible way

Bringing Innovation in the Marketing Domain
TechXp always associates itself with a project that begins with a thorough understanding of the partner agencies and their client’s expectations. Their technology-adept, creative and communication team of experts with diverse backgrounds plan the event ambience, the wire frame of the event, training speakers with relevant representatives involved in the managing the event, content management, streaming and console management. Furthermore, infrastructures, systems and developments for every event is planned with a definitive backup understanding the nature of the event. They have been constantly bridging the gap between creativity and logic by making recommendations that are not just innovative but are also executable in the project lead time.

“Having experienced working and serving clients in both domains, i.e, real and the virtual world, we are confident that we are prepared when things get back to normal too. We are already working on solutions that facilitate and gear us to provide experiential tech-based solutions that merge the best of both worlds,” concludes Ganesh.