Insight Markaton: Seal The Deal With Customised, Target-Driven Marketing Automation Solutions

CIO Vendor The India MarTech Report 2020 published by Mirum India predicts thatroughly around 80 percent of the marketers in India are expected to raise MarTech spends over the next few years. MarTech has certainly started getting an increased wallet share amidst growing digital adoption with marketers leveraging technology across the entire marketing value chain.

Cloud adoption, personalization strategies and marketing automation platforms have emerged as top MarTech investments. Increasingly, the trend and focus is on data-driven insights to make better marketing decisions through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, augmented reality, virtual reality and voice search across MarTech Stacks. However, increasing customers’ engagement with the brand, along with personalizing their experience throughout their journey remains at the top of the key influencers for growth in MarTech spends.

Bengaluru-based Insight Markaton understands this and ensures that the customers’ journey and customer- centricity is at the core of its solutions. Insight Markaton provides an open marketing automation platform that enables clients to integrate all their digital assets into a seamless personalized customer experience. The company’s open source marketing automation platform offers tremendous flexibility and digital asset customization at every stage of the customers’ journey, ensuring the right marketing intervention at the right time.

Insight Markaton is positioned strongly in the market for its ability to deliver highly customised solutions with tremendous speed to market. By leveraging open source technologies and a strong technology team, it offers clients unparalleled flexibility and velocity of implementation helping acceleration of the marketing funnel at competitive price points. “We are a one-stop-shop for meeting all the marketing automation needs of our clients, with deep expertise in all aspects of the marketing value chain. Our dedicated team brings together strong domain, marketing and tech experience to craft the right solutions for clients, right from customer journey mapping to marketing strategy to state-of-the-art marketing automation,” says Mathew Alexander, Founder & CEO of Insight Markaton.

The Genesis Of Insight Markaton
Insight Markaton is an early-stage start-up incubated and bootstrapped by its founder Mathew in early 2021. The target goal of the company for 2021 has been to provide marketing solutions to start-ups, small and medium enterprises with a special focus on the Indian market. The emphasis of the company has been to provide a world-class marketing automation product or solution that adds value throughout the entire marketing value chain of the client helping drive customer engagement and growth for the client. Its current clients are from the real estate and healthcare sector.

Since its establishment, Insight Markaton has helped re-imagine customers’ journey to provide valuable insights and the necessary ammunition to its clients all the while defining an effective customer-centric marketing strategy. The company’s focus is on helping its clients drive customer engagement leading to growth in clients’ business.

The strategy is to focus on ones’ core competency while at the same time build a partner ecosystem with specialised firms having complementary capabilities.

The Marketing Automation Platform And State-Of-The-Art Digital Marketing Services
The core capabilities of Insight Markaton’s marketing automation platform include lead management to attract, aggregate and nurture leads for customer conversion helping meet revenue goals. The platform provides Omnichannel Customer Engagement that helps create value at every stage of the customers’ journey by engaging with customers on their
channel of choice. The platform also supports email marketing to actively engage customers with personalized email campaigns. In addition, the platform’s detailed dashboards and reports help in gaining critical marketing insights to understand customer experiences thereby improving overall marketing performance. Finally, the platform also extends its functionality in the ecosystem with a plethora of plugins with CRM, CMS, email, social media and eCommerce platforms.

“We help sharpen the marketing strategy of our clients with special emphasis on core pillars such as customer engagement, customer experience through personalized marketing and by providing continuous customer value,” says Mathew. The company provides a state-of-the-art SaaS-based Marketing Automation tool to orchestrate the clients' future customer journey and activate strategic marketing interventions in alignment with their marketing strategy and sales objectives. Insight Markaton also offers digital marketing services such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and digital content and video services. The company invests significantly in building and strengthening its customer relationships through active after-sales support and services. “Being an active partner throughout our client journey is core to our business value proposition,” adds Mathew.

Bengaluru-based insight Markaton understands this and ensures that the customers’ journey and customer- centricity is at the core of its solutions

While the core of the company is its Marketing Automation product and solutions, Insight Markaton is actively building an ecosystem of partnerships and alliances with firms specializing in Analytics, AI and customised CRM/CDP solutions so that the client benefits from a fully comprehensive solution that’s world-class while engaging with Insight Markaton.

The Key Is To Have ‘Happy’ Clients
A leading real estate company specializing in plotted development in advantageous locations around Bangalore once approached Insight Markaton for its customized marketing services. Insight Markaton’s leadership team worked closely with the founders of the company to understand its vision and mission and created a very unique personal brand and value proposition for it in the real estate market. The brand tagline created was a reflection of the values and emotional connect the organization promises to deliver to all its clientele through its multiple projects.

Insight Markaton helped build this brand, value proposition and all the marketing collateral including brochures, websites and site branding to help the company successfully launch its upcoming development project in the market. Insight Markaton leveraged industry best practices in SEO, Marketing Automation and social media marketing to help keep the brand alive, drive customer engagement and improve sales.

“Being an active partner throughout our client journey is core to our business value proposition”

In The Future
The emphasis of the company is to provide a worldclass marketing automation product and/or solution that adds value throughout the entire marketing value chain of the client. The company builds customised marketing automation solutions in alignment with client marketing, business and domain needs, providing clients with the flexibility they desire. It leverages opensource technologies that are extendable and ensure solutions make the very best of features and capability upgrades from the community. The aim is to always accelerate Customer Experience through personalized and targeted marketing.

Currently, the Insight Markaton team is largely engaged by clients from the real estate and healthcare sectors. Soon, the company intends to expand from these sectors to other sectors by building domain specific customised solutions and dedicated workflows that are designed for each sector. “We integrate the marketing automation platform with CRM or CDP platforms and intend to power it with an AIbased analytics engine so that we are able to provide clients from varied sectors a fully comprehensive, intelligent and insight-driven marketing platform,” concludes Mathew.