Camp Automation: Strengthening Campaign Automation with AI

CIO Vendor Today, with the evolution of technologies, businesses are expecting better sales and marketing alignment. Also, multi-channel customer engagement has gained significance due to the explosion of digital population. Customers, of all types, age groups and industries, are out there in more than a few channels at any point in time, be it social media, Mobile or Web. In the current environment, there are 120+ marketing channels, compared to less than 6 in 1990s. Over 75 percent of world's trade happens through partners. Multi-channel MarTech, closely aligned with Sales and Partnership technologies is a must-have for businesses today.

"MarTech cannot operate in isolation. It needs to enable direct sales and/or partner-led sales," says Shiv, Founder & CEO of Camp Automation.

While it is not easy to manage a multi-channel engagement, tracking, reporting and enabling sales ­ manually, Camp Automation offers a simple, All-in-one Go to Market (GTM) platform ­ a first of its kind that offers true multi-channel experience to clients. Camp is a user-friendly, cost-effective platform that meets the complete GTM/business needs of marketing, sales, and partnerships. This platform has an AI-backed GTM planner, Multi-Channel Marketing Automation for execution to detailed analytics for measuring MROI, to a mobile app for lead assignment, tracking, qualifying and converting, by salespeople or partners.

Technology meets Services and Education
The sales and marketing maturity among growing businesses in India is still evolving. After evaluating Mar-Tech platforms, the general question clients come up with is that "If there is a service provider who can operate the campaigns for a few quarters before we set up in-house capabilities?" Also, they want the know-how of the best practices to adopt. Owing to the fact that Mar-Tech solutions are sold as an extension of CRM; do not meet these stated client needs.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Camp Automation offers a SAAS-based pay-
as-you-go technology platform, along with its Agency partners bringing in marketing do-main services. Camp also partners with various universities, B-schools and academic institutions to educate budding managers, and customers on best-practices.

A well-aligned solution for businesses
As a pioneer in creating Go to Market (GTM) platform that has Mar-Tech for demand generation and manage full-funnel along with Sales App for direct sales and partnerships, Camp Automation satisfies the demands of clients who look for one simple solution for their complete business needs.

Camp's intuitive interface is designed by marketing professionals and not technocrats so that the application works as per the customers' business needs.

What differentiates Camp from the other platforms is that it offers Mar-Tech not only for the business (hub), but also for the extended ecosystem of partners (spokes)

"Our product philosophy has always been based on the principles of simplicity, intuitiveness & comprehensiveness. Adoption & frequent us-age is what will create scalability for business," mentions Girish, the Co-Founder and Head of Products.

Addressing the extended enterprise
What differentiates Camp from the other platforms is that it offers Mar-Tech not only for the business (hub), but also for the extended ecosystem of partners (spokes).

Shiv states the ambition "What ERP/SCM did for the back-office supply chain, we aim to do the same for the front office demand chain. We are here to create a Tally for demand side of business,"

The Journey ahead
As a pioneer in the GTM category, Camp's vision is to enable businesses to take their products to market with well-oiled sales and marketing machinery, enabled by AI technologies. Also, Camp plans to launch an advanced Campaign recommendation system and Verticalization to match high potential industry needs, and enter developed markets such as US and Europe.