Admobs: Mobile Branding and Performance Made Easy

CIO Vendor The advertisement industry has time and again leveraged innovative ways and new channels to reach out to customers. With the wide usage of smartphones currently, advertisements on smart-phones are soaring. Both services and product-based organizations are now looking for experts who can help them garner high-quality performance-driven traffic, enhance brand safety and trust. They are looking for partners who can help them in timely revenue generation and in achieving their business goals through strategically targeted advertisements. Admobs, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Mumbai and Business office in Gurgaon, India is one of the fastest-growing Ad solution companies that offers cutting-edge mobile performance and branding solutions. It assists brands to connect with users in real-time and enhance results with minimum expenditure on customer acquisition processes.

Admobs started with VAS but is now focusing more on Mobile and desktop campaigns. The company’s core offerings encompass performance and branding ad solutions delivery coupled with a strong publisher base and AI technology for CPI, fraud control tools, and a state-of-the-art SaaS platform.

‘We use both first-party and third-party data to position ourselves in the best possible way. Our technology platform helps track ads, customer behavior, data analytics, fraud-filtration and thereby give the right advertising solutions to our clients’, says Nitin Sharma, Business Head, Admobs.

Admobs with its solutions helps clients run desktop campaigns that boost lead generation and sales and also fuel influencer marketing. The company is also the authorized re-seller for big players in the market from different niches. Their partners include Droom,
M-Indicator, Softonic, and The sportsrush. In addition to these, Admobs offers its technology platform to track Ads and their performances and measure customer interactions and behavior. The company also works with an in-house product comparison and review site ‘’ which further provides clients with unmatched visibility into their campaigns and results.

Delivering positive results, proactive actions, getting regular feedback on deliveries, adapting and upgrading ourselves as per the market demands are few key strengths that make Admobs stay ahead in the competitive market. Admobs’ team is closely knit and they believe in working as a family rather than just employees. The company also gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction and works towards offering the best services possible for the highest customer satisfaction. ‘A happy customer might continue the business with us but a delighted customer will refer us for new businesses’, says Gokul Rajendra, Product and Strategy Head, Admobs.

Our technology platform helps track ads, customer behavior, data analytics, fraud filtration and thereby give the right solutions to our clients

This renowned Ad tech solution provider has delivered a plethora of successful campaigns for its clients including Amazon, Zee5, Spotify, MX Player, Daily Hunt, Airtel, VNG, Tokopedia, SOHA games, and more. In a classic case when an OTT play-er was focusing to increase its video views and mass reach, Admobs assisted them with a blended campaign that targeted both application and mobile users, increased brand awareness, and helped them garner 70% new users with an average watch time of three minutes and more.

Admobs works with a unique approach of bringing innovation to its offerings in tandem with the changes in the market. The company focuses on both short and long-term goals with utmost efficacy. Right now the company is striving to have a clear understanding of the future ad market, build unparalleled marketing solutions for its clients and agencies, and help them get the desired ROI with ease.