Voiro Technologies: Revenue Analytics for Media and Content Companies

CIO Vendor There are thousands of successful SaaS companies in the market, but only a few have earned the title of ‘Category Creator’. Category creation is not about incremental improvement on what already exists — it is about identifying a problem and doing a better job than anyone else at understanding, articulating, and solving it. Great category creators not only design and assert a vital category, but they also focus their passion and resources on creating a company dedicated to solving the challenges in that category - such as in the revenue analytics category for media.

Voiro, founded in 2014 is a category creating data technology company. Voiro’s SaaS-based revenue analytics platform for content-led companies is trusted by some of India's largest media powerhouses as it helps the companies unlock a data-driven approach to accelerating revenue. Over the last 6 years, Voiro has become the revenue management platform of choice in the Indian media space, earning its spot in the core technology stack that has driven large live events, year on year, such as the IPL, the Oscars, Bigg Boss and Flipkart’s Big Billion Day.

Moreover, Voiro is derived from the French word ‘Voir’ which means to see and understand. With the plethora of data collected from various avenues, Voiro’s product suite enables content companies and publishers analyze revenue and have a single view of their revenue horizon. Voiro’s vision is to accelerate every media company to be data first. It is therefore built to tackle the complex world of multiple revenue channels and provide the best data analytics by creating data moats and providing real time analytics, critical for a datadriven content-centric industry.
Voiro’s solution is a strategic blend of a microservices and Application Program Program Interface (API) stack that solves for customers in Media, OTT, and eCommerce. The dynamic product suite blends capabilities of CRM, Revenue Reconciliation, Insights, and Deep Analytics. Further, Voiro’s tech roadmap is a balanced combination of learnings from years of working closely with the market and understanding of what the customers need. Given their experiences of working, advising, and solving problems for key players in media, Voiro has been in a unique position to understand the breadth of the users’ problems, in a manner that few have. Voiro’s understanding of media data also helps customers with predictive and prescriptive insights.

The company has launched a powerful UI (Voiro 3.0) that has been the culmination of insights from working deep within the media and content domain to solve a set of critical issues around the optimization of ad revenue. Voiro 3.0 is a truly simplified experience that empowers data-driven decisions. Automation, seamless access, one window of operation, and contextual information to give one real-time actionable insights is where Voiro truly wins.

Voiro's SaaS-based revenue analytics platform for content led companies is trusted by some of India's largest media powerhouses

Voiro, a Bangalore based SaaS start-up and India’s first home-grown revenue analytics product suite for media and content companies has raised $1.8 Million in a round of financing led by Mela Ventures. Early-stage VC fund and angel platform, 1Crowd, who had led Voiro’s seed round in 2019 has also participated in this round. In 2019, they had raised Rs. 2.5 crore from 1Crowd.

Voiro is set to take on the global stage with the market turning strongly towards its value proposition and is keenly looking forward to invest strongly in data engineering and build a world-class SaaS product from India for media organizations around the globe.

The future roadmap of the company is to expand in new markets, grow customer base, and double down on investments in product to support growth levers through innovation & marketing reach.