Design Mechanics: Assisting Business to Leverage the Digital Space

CIO Vendor In today’s world where customers are looking for their favourite products and services on their smart phones and laptops, it has become paramount for businesses to leverage digital channels and offer their services to customers at a rapid pace before any competitor does. Moreover, keeping the customers satisfied with the services, sustaining brand value and awareness calls for a robust digital marketing strategy and ongoing outreach.

Having said that, a promising digital marketing plan and implementation coupled with a few traditional marketing tactics is what businesses need to scale and get their desired ROI in the current competitive business world. With the aim to assist businesses get to their goals faster and reap projected ROI year after year, Design Mechanics offers its unparalleled creatives, web design, development and end-to-end marketing services.

Along with experienced professionals in the arena, Design Mechanics work with the mantra - Smart marketing plans should have an intelligent convergence. ‘It is a not a sales driven organization but thrives on its quality services principles. Our delivery focus foundation has resulted in long lasting client relationships for even over a decade’, says Nitin Ahlawat, CEO, Design Mechanics.

Design Mechanics offers top-notch marketing consultancy to its clients and makes sure that the clients are aware of all the best practices that they can adopt to improve their businesses. Its offerings include holistic creative strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, web services, creative and graphic designing, Pay Per Click Services, Below the line advertising including offline events and exhibitions and market research.
The company has served product and service-based clients along with a few centre and state government departments both as an agency and as a consultant. Design Mechanic stands out of its competitors with its services fuelled by creative strategy and its implementation.

Although the company has worked with several clients, it considers the experience of working with the department of Animal Husbandry and fisheries, government of Uttarakhand to be special as it got the company an opportunity to improve the livelihood of the farmers. Working with the government of Uttarakhand, the company created one of the word class corporative fish brands ‘Uttarafish’ and also digitized a department named USGCF (Bakraw brand).

Our delivery focus foundation has resulted in long lasting client relationships for even over a decade

The biggest gap in the marketing consultancy space is the trust factor. The sales driven agencies usually over commits the deliverables to its clients in order to win them which, often than not, destroys the client’s confidence not only in the agency but also in the digital medium. The gap is also quiet prominent among SMEs and consultants as the formersolely depend on agencies experience and intelligence to guide them in their marketing endeavours.

This is where Design Mechanics makes a difference by implementing an open, transparent, approachable and collaborative work culture. The company also works towards making the in-house working experience topgrade.‘We constantly work to have a better work-life balance and a healthy mental health. We are constantly learning and working to create a great place to work! We nurture future leaders in-house rather hiring them from outside.’ Says Nitin Ahlawat, CEO, Design Mechanics.

Since its inception, Design Dynamics has witnessed rapid growth. It focuses on offering individual attention to its clients and its engagements on the livelihood consultant projects in collaboration with the state governments give them the chance to call themselves the best in the market.