Xwards : Redefining Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

CIO Vendor Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is evolving rapidly. With the declining attention span of today’s customer, advertisements need to be more creative and engaging. Digital signs are replacing static billboards, changing the face of outdoor advertising. With its different screen shapes, sizes and higher levels of interactivity, Digital OOH (DOOH) has gained huge demand and has become a popular medium among advertisers. However, to reap the benefits of dynamic and interactive attributes of DOOH advertising, the advertisers need a cost effective solution that could help them leverage DOOH advertising to its full potential and reach their target audience in an effective manner.

Kochi based Xwards, a leading DOOH player and an Ad-Tech solution provider, addresses their concern by providing cost effective DOOH solutions and developing high end software in the digital signage domain. With its solutions, the company bridges the gap between the advertisers and customers, thus helping the advertisers reach their target audience in a captive environment with its interactive screens.

Xwards’- Xview is a digital signage platform that is used in managing, remote monitoring and controlling of the interactive screens. The Xwards team by integrating high end technologies is in the process of developing and adding new features to this existing platform.
Interactive in-cab Entertainment
Xwards has built an ecosystem that comprises a network of cabs in association with the regional cab aggregators and installs their in-cab entertainment platforms that provide fun-filled commuting experience to commuters which at the same time enables advertisers to promote their products. Xwards helps in generating the best possible reports that comprises quantified ad-metrics such as number of viewers, number of clicks, geo-based preferences, age-based preferences and polls etc. which helps advertisers to know how well the ads have reached its target audience.

The platform also consists of features built for cab commuters to play games, listen to music and even watch their favorite TV show on the go. Thus, Xwards not only helps the cab drivers earn extra money but also keeps the commuters engaged and helps advertisers market their brands in a highly captive environment. It uses the geo targeting process to leverage location based data to deliver relevant ads to the audience.

“As rightly said by Michael Jordan - “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, our team is our greatest strength and the ideas and dedication of our team members is what makes us stand apart from our competitors,” says Jozef Jagan, CEO & Founder, Xwards. “With a very few members and the best talents in our team, it is easier for us to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently,” he adds. Xwards is currently in the process of setting up its own advertising network company. Moving forward, the company is also planning to develop gesture based interfaces and applications for its customers and is in the process of expanding its operations in the US, Qatar and European countries.