WebEngage: Designing Digital Marketing Campaigns for Higher Customer Retention

CIO Vendor With the emergence of digital marketing technologies like Geofencing, Geotargeting and Beacons, the marketing strategies of the companies have observed a significant shift from conventional marketing to optimize the campaigns and reach larger audience. Companies began to adopt modern digital marketing tools to streamline, segment and track their marketing campaigns by integrating various marketing channels like social media, e-mail and SMS to collect and analyze customer related data. While going for sheer marketing, businesses tend to ignore the importance of user consent, opt-ins and data privacy which became a huge concern owing to data residing in the remote cloud servers. This has necessitated the companies’ marketing campaigns to be in compliance with data policies. So, businesses are on the lookout for a vendor who can help them evolve digital marketing strategies by addressing the privacy concerns of the customer data.

An Integrated Marketing Automation Platform
Clearly understanding the scenario, WebEngage, a Mumbai based company helps businesses increase their ROI and customer reach by devising digital marketing campaigns that are in compliance with all necessary data laws including GDRP, DPA, etc. WebEngage provides an integrated platform for companies across various business verticals like E-commerce, Finance, Education, BFSI and Travel etc., that enables businesses to understand the customer behaviour patterns through contextual engagement and data-driven retention strategies across various channels like Mobile, Web, Email, Facebook and SMS. “In a competitive and customerdriven environment where different businesses are running after the same customer, new customer acquisitions have started to slow down eventually. Hence, we design marketing strategies that are centred around retaining the existing customers with a targeted and personalized approach so as to maximize the value of each acquired customer over the
time. This helps businesses to earn maximum ROI for each acquired customer in terms of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). We are able to improve the quality of engagement, maximize the possibility of conversions and enhance the overall brand value of our clients by analysing individual customer based on their interests and digital activities,” informs Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder.

Our unparalleled support and top-notch campaign execution has changed the game of Marketing Automation

Improving Customer Engagement
WebEngage allows marketers to collect customer data on a single platform, analyze the data and create user-based segments for customer engagement across multiple channels. Journey Designer feature of the platform enables businesses to easily create and execute in-depth and highly complex marketing campaigns across different stages of the customer lifecycle. It also enables marketers and product managers to visualize the entire lifecycle of marketing campaigns with a ‘drag-and-drop’ interface. “Our unparalleled support and top-notch campaign execution has changed the game of the Marketing Automation. Right from day one of on-boarding the client, our team provides flawless support by analyzing their marketing campaigns and identifying opportunities for growth. We constantly analyze several data points for activation, reengagement and re-activation cycles to provide maximum value to the client by ensuring that there is no segment of audience left untapped,” says Avlesh.

WebEngage is planning to expand its services into the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and South-East Asia (SEA) regions. With an aim to minimise the human intervention in the customer engagement, the company is working on to integrate AI and ML stack within the existing marketing platform.