Netbiz Systems Pvt. Ltd : Providing Distinct Online Identity to Brands through Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

CIO Vendor The proliferation of content across multiple channels has led to generation of huge amount of information. As a result, it has become difficult for marketers to deliver quality content. With numerous notifications, Ads, offers, and emails displayed on a mobile device every day, the attention span of consumers is decreasing. Hence, marketers are looking for solution providers who would help them with acute marketing strategies.

Addressing these needs, Navi Mumbai headquartered NetBiz uses its Micro-Moments Marketing strategies to address this issue. NetBiz is a data-driven performance marketing agency that provides solutions in order to ensure everything that a brand requires for a distinct online identity.

The company uses data-driven strategies to deliver solutions that improve customer satisfaction and help in creating customer delight, which has led to high customer retention and award-winning campaigns. “We are Techvertisers who provide imaginative and technology-driven solutions. Our offerings are powered by proprietary data and analytical tools,” affirms Arvind Jain, CEO, NetBiz.

Securing Highly Sensitive information of Consumers
With the rise in targeted advertising, consumers have immense privacy concerns regarding sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit card details, and various other electronic financial transaction details etc. Consumers have become wary of the analytical tools and consumer profiling done on audiences considering that each element of their digital consumption is being tracked for better marketing strategies. Hence, it becomes imperative to gain trust of consumers to ensure that their data is well protected and secure.

NetBiz helps consumers protect their sensitive information by first making the privacy policy accessible to them and also ensures that the information of consumers such as credit card and bank account numbers are automatically redacted.
NetBiz also performs independent data security audits that help in portraying a proactive commitment towards data security and privacy of consumers.

“With a blend of creativity, technical expertise and implementation of deep analytics, NetBiz enables complex solutions to become simpler and the simple ones relatable”

Insights and Analytical Tools for Campaign Monitoring
Clients expect marketing agencies to understand their products and core customer base. They also understand that technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the scope for market research is increasing each day. As a result, the benchmarks for established AdTech solution providers are persistently high. Hence, it is necessary to provide end-to-end services from market research about the company, product, services, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, and social media among various other technical facets. The research process is perpetual and continues throughout and the Analytical tools process in-depth and complex data continuously to provide market insights.

NetBiz with such insights and information strategizes actionable plans in terms of campaigning, which involves precision in deciding the appropriate timeline, duration, and medium of the campaign for target audiences aligned with campaign objectives and agendas. Once the campaign begins, it is followed by campaign monitoring with the help of analytical tools and feedback received from both clients and consumers to plan further lines of action.

“With a blend of creativity, technical expertise and implementation of deep analytics, NetBiz enables complex solutions to become simpler and the simple ones relatable,” concludes Arvind.