Mobinet Media: Leveraging Finger Printing Technology with ML and AI Capabilities

Paras Gaur, Co-Founder

Penetration of budget friendly Smartphone and affordable internet service has changed the advertising landscape in India. Increasing number of mobile savvy users has created opportunities for advertisers to push their campaigns on the mobile screens for greater content consumption, which would result in more revenue generation. However, there has been a flip side to this; various cookie policies on mobile web browsers have rendered the cookie based tracking unreliable for advertisers. It has restrained the mobile based ad campaign, as no longer the advertiser can correctly identify and target its potential customer. To bridge this gap between advertisers and end-customers, Mobinet Media, an AdTech company is offering its finger printing technology based solution tuttler. The company has developed a way for mobile tracking with ‘cookie-less mobile device user identification system’, deploying its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Mobile User Finger printing technology is the next generation Digital solution with analytics driven user experience, intelligence-based decision automation, and highly scalable mobile-first approach. “The goal here was to develop a user identification system for mobile devices, which can be used as the digital fingerprint system. We blend positive user experience and technology with advertising strategies to create a personalized experience and convert the target audience into customers,” says Paras
Gaur Co-Founder of the company.

Data-driven user-targeting technology
To run a successful ad campaign, brands must be able to collect right data, tracing the complete customer journey of the target audience without any barrier. To get utmost value on the incurred brand expenditure, advertisers need a well integrated, fool-proof solution providing detailed performance metrics of the ad campaign. Catering to these needs of the advertisers, Mobinet is deploying its AI ML technology for data oriented approach, which reduces human errors and delivers only relevant content to the potential customer. Data-driven user-targeting technology of the company ensures the right communication is shown to the right audience, thus engaging specific people at the right place in the right time. The company converts the user data into meaningful insights, uncovering the patterns of user behaviour, improving audience targeting for better conversion rates thereby increasing campaign ROI. “Our Data insights model helps the advertisers to understand the user persona and behaviour for planning and targeting the audience more efficiently,” explains Gaur.

"The company has developed a way for mobile tracking with‘cookie-less mobile device user identification system’, deploying its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities"

Learning and Implementing New-Age Technology
The company’s cross channel marketing offering helps control advertising across platforms, helping businesses reach its target customers at various touch points while also helping synchronise marketing efforts across channels.

Mobinet Media is dedicated to put its efforts towards understanding the new age technology and its successful implementation to mark its contribution to the industry in a significant way. The company has developed a unique work culture within its team where everybody contributes to the knowledge and learns to take new initiatives.