MoMAGIC: Providing 360 Degree User-Insight Intelligent Technology for Behavioural Analysis

Arun Gupta , Founder & CEO

Mobile advertising market is gaining traction, surpassing every other advertising media. Mobile media has opened up new ways for advertisers to reach target customers in convenient and cost effective way. The biggest proposition that mobile advertisement offers is the accuracy in reaching the potential consumer in an unprecedented way. Brands are increasingly adopting innovative and customer-centric approaches to narrow down the segmentation of their target consumer. The ever growing number of internet based smart phone users creates humongous data, which advertising companies are trying to leverage to gain insight on consumer behaviour, and their use pattern.

However, understanding consumer behaviour is a complex process and not many are able to optimally utilize the digital footprints of prospective buyers. Perfectly understanding the need for a comprehensive and efficient data analysis tool, MoMAGIC, a mobile advertising company, is providing its 360 degree user insight intelligent technology. Leveraging its data intelligence platform, the company understands and predicts consumer behaviour in an optimized way. Arun Gupta, Founder and CEO of the company, opines that the ability of collating data from multiple sources into the system and behavioural analysis are the two things which will drive the whole business ahead.

Offering Granular Segmentation
MoMAGIC has successfully identified these two drivers and is already working on them. The company deploys its own data scientists for behavioural analysis, who dig into data and come up with data modelling
to understand how to extract the right value from the collected data. The whole architecture is open and integrated well with different sources to collect data whenever required and provide analysis to offer more granular segmentation of potential buyers. The company endeavours to continuously develop its platform to provide right solution to the advertisers by helping them understand what marketing strategy should be used at the right time and right place.

“The company deploys its own data scientists for behavioural analysis, who dig into data and come up with data modelling to understand how to extract the right value from the collected data”

Company's 'TrueInsight' platform extracts useful insights from the collected data and deploys it through 'TrueReach', which acts as a conduit, connecting consumer and the advertiser. The ‘TrueInsight’ platform traces the raw data points and analyzes customer's taste and preferences. Based on this analysis, it decides how to reach the particular customer better. Subsequently,'TrueReach' platform with the generated customer in-sight goes to the right advertiser or seller and buys best audience for their ad-campaign.

Optimization of Entire Process
Harnessing big data analytics to understand consumer behaviour is also a costly affair. Many companies in the market struggle with sustaining right data management and analytics to stay relevant in the market. Companies end up incurring more cost than overall value being extracted from the analysis. "We understood this problem very well from the beginning and have been very particular that we don't get caught up in the same situation," Gupta emphasizes. And taking cognizance of this matter, MoMAGIC optimizes the data they collect and process it efficiently to ensure that the ROI is realized.

Having already set its foot in the overseas market like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Myanmar, MoMAGIC for its future endeavour, strives to make its mark as one of the top five digital mobile marketing companies in the South East Asia market.