Collectcent: One-Stop Digital Advertising Platform

Andesh Bhatti, CEO

Market reports foresee a considerable growth of digital marketing landscape in the coming years. Brands are Increasingly investing in digital advertising platforms to target their potential customers effectively. However, there are some important concerns that need to be taken care of in order to ensure the best value from investment made. To ensure best return on investments, there is a need to ensure quality traffic, better consumer engagement and assess campaign performance throughout the advertising journey.

Addressing these needs of Advertisers,Collectcent an Ad-tech company has capabilities of delivering Display Banner and Video programmatic advertising across Mobile, Desktop and CTV environments via own Tech platforms and fully managed services. Collectcent was incorporated in 2013 and today has over 170 employees, one cool HQ in Gurgaon and people across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York. The company works with publishers and advertisers across the world on CPM and CPI business models.

It has distinguished it self with its consultative approach and performance driven models in the Ad-tech domain. Talking about the approach of the company, Andesh Bhatti-CEO, Collectcent says, “We are with our customers throughout their journey and with ourAI led tech platform, we
drive efficiencies, boost performance and suggest trouble shooting measures to our customers.”

In-house Proprietary Technology
With the help of its in-house proprietary technology Collectcent is serving its customers with real-time bidding platform, data analytics and optimization tools. Company’s systems are built to deliver advertisement in less than 60 milliseconds on user’s device.

The platform offers precise targeting options on the basis of ISP, Geography (Country / City/ Lat-Long), Device, OS, Browser, Inventory (Type/Genre), Time of the day and Day of the Week. The platform considers which Ad to servein which Ad spot, based on historical performance of the Ad on that Ad spot.

The use of Big Data algorithm models helps optimize the conversion by identifying and serving most profitable campaigns in real time.

With the in-house Big Data Platform built on Hadoop,R, Spark and Python technologies the company generates reports on audience single vs. multiple channel impact, and the media mix.

With detailed real-time reporting the clients are always in control over their campaigns.

Campaign Optimizing Service and Support System
Collectcent manages 3.5 Billion Daily impressions, works with over 3000 Publishers, delivers 9000 global campaigns through its unique service model, the company extends its 24/7 support to advertising clients for campaign optimization. “If a campaign’s conversion rate looks good, our platform optimisation tools and campaign team makes sure to push more similar traffic for the campaigns, optimizing it within the Advertiser’s budget,” explains Andesh. Having gained an experience over the years working on campaign delivery and optimization, the team perfectly understands requiremens of clients from across the industries.