MiracleCartes: Optimizing Customer Engagement and Retention with Cloud-based End-to-End Loyalty Platform

CIO Vendor Customer loyalty is an integral part of the customer promise, and in today’s highly competitive markets, loyalty marketing has emerged as a key focus area to secure recurring sales and positive reviews and recommendations. However, implementing loyalty programs is no easy task with organizations facing a number of challenges in identifying their lifetime customers and retaining them. Be it performance pressure amidst too many fragmented solutions in the market, the need to align with changing technology and consumer behavior, lack of financial feasibility or other operational challenges, these factors impact business’s ability to build effective loyalty systems and deliver timely and relevant value to their customer base. As a result, the marketing industry today needs to take to a customer-centric paradigm with a better understanding of loyalty and well-designed strategies, to help businesses identify and nurture their most profitable and loyal customers. Perfectly understanding these challenges and demands, Pune headquartered Miracle Smart Card Pvt. Ltd. (MiracleCartes) steps forward to address them with a Cloud-based End-toEnd Loyalty Platform, to help organizations optimize their customer engagements and retention.

Leveraging Platform to create Customers for Life!
Since its inception in 2011, MiracleCartes has been focused on heralding a new era in customer engagement and retention with Cloud-based loyalty platform to empower businesses to better engage with their customers. These platforms are custom developed to collect, update and analyze the relevant data of customers, to build long-term, profitable customer relationships.
“In every sector, be it Retail, Banking, Health & Fitness, Sports or FMCG, the major requirement is to ensure that the customers are retained and nurtured well. MiracleCartes meets this need, as an end-to-end solution provider to help businesses effectively implement their loyalty programs and eliminate their dependency on just complementary service providers,” explains Rakesh Jadhav, Co-Founder & Director, MiracleCartes. When it comes to ensuring businesses with loyalty management, MiracleCartes believes in designing loyalty programs that can be implemented under an “Earn and Burn” mechanism to ensure that the customers return to purchase the product and services and are subsequently rewarded. The company thus conceptualized its iGainSpark Solution, a secure Omni-Channel Loyalty Platform to enable businesses to identify and engage with their customers in a relevant, flexible and end-to-end manner.

Built on a secure Cloud with the ability to operate in both On-premise and SaaS environments, the iGainSpark platform includes the right mix of specialized and complementary features along with a simple configuration, to provide a contextual, relevant and timely experience to customers. The platform provides a set of 75+ APIs which make it easy to integrate with any existing POS, Online Portal or platforms. Apart from providing the Business a customized Loyalty Portal and APP for their customers, it has a host of other features such as rewards catalog, dashboard, analytics, campaigns, games, survey, location-based services, and social media integration, to help both individual merchants and coalition networks create a complete loyalty ecosystem.

The Road Ahead
Having operated in this industry for over 6+years, MiracleCartes has gained adequate domain expertise through its various engagements. The company is currently engaged in implementing its platform for clients in West Africa, USA, UAE, and Russia, and now has increased its focus on enhancing its analytics capability further.