Extrapreneurs Building Novel Full Stack Technology Platforms for Businesses

CIO Vendor With multiple new technologies becoming available, it is difficult for organizations to determine the business platforms needed for their businesses. Hence, they are looking for technology partners who not only have expertise in all popularly used enterprise technology platforms but also understand the business models and help them in choosing the right technology platform for their businesses.

Acknowledging these requirements, Pune headquartered Extrapreneurs collaborates with its business clients to understand the business model and plays a strategic role in conceptualizing go-to-market business solutions and also helps in choosing the appropriate technology stack. It helps in planning the development model, designing the implementation frameworks and executing the operational models for the organizations.
“We conceptualize, architect, build and run scalable and complex, modern-day full stack technology platforms” affirms Avinash Bhokare, Founder & Director, Extrapreneurs.

Extrapreneurs specializes in building highly configurable and scalable multi-stakeholder, multi-tenant platforms, more often aggregating the business, with the ability to white label, solid integration framework and analytics.
The team architects the platform, defines user experience and designs high performance, scalable and secure software and hardware components using the best of breed technology. They also manage and operate the platforms by providing applications and production support services and back-end aggregated vendor management with pre-stated service levels.

Extrapreneurs has expertise in all popularly used enterprise technology platforms based on Microsoft, Java, MEAN & LAMP stacks. They select the Platform Architecture by mapping key business objectives and goals using SOA, MVC, MVVM, MVP, and Hybrid design patterns and a robust user interface using popular frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, React and others. Based on data storage and processing requirements, choice of database is made from using popular commercial RDBMS or Open source RDBMS to NoSQL databases or Big Data management tools. While selecting the technology stack and architecture to be used, the company takes into consideration the business features as well as operational considerations including scalability, volume, and velocity of processing, concurrent users, high availability, interoperability, security, integration requirements, and availability of technically skilled engineers at optimal cost.

Extrapreneurs pays extensive attention in designing and sizing the Hosting Infrastructure requirements from making choice of hosting provider. They use Agile development model using Minimum Viable Product as the Go-to-Market release and incrementally building the product based on market feedback and adoption to deliver new and enhanced features in short sprints every few weeks thereon. The Extrapreneurs team consists of experienced leaders specializing in Business Analysis, Design, UX, Software engineering, Delivery management, Infrastructure and Support that has equal space to satiate their entrepreneurial thirst leading to high performance and productivity. They also have the best of the industry talent that has the engineering discipline on one hand and the open and learning environment on the other hand that fosters growth and innovation.