Appnext: Allowing Businesses to Reach and Engage their Target Audience

CIO Vendor Mobile is becoming the most popular and effective platform for advertising owing to its increasing proliferation. More and more businesses are rethinking their marketing strategies to align them with the mobile audience. However, reaching your target audience is not just about being mobile-first. It is extremely important to understand the customer’s behavior. This can only be achieved by collecting and analyzing the customer data to paint a picture of the behavioral pattern of the customer.

Israel headquartered, Appnext accomplishes the same with its next-gen user intelligence technology – Appnext Timeline that understands and leverages behavioral, usage and location patterns of users to predict the users’ next action or interest. Appnext is a renowned player in this segment having a global network consisting of both advertisers and publishers. In contrast to other players in the segment who either lack the technology or the global reach needed to enable better targeting in the true sense, the company has made its mark in the global as well as India market by leveraging its proprietary technology, SDK and its global network ecosystem. Appnext also has its own self-service platform where advertisers and publishers can come on board easily and start advertising.
“Today, users are being bombarded by advertising for anything from games to sports to shopping. If there was a technology or an ability to provide them with relevant suggestions, it would be valuable to them, thus saving their time and giving them information that is more in the context of what they are doing. This is basically what our mission is,” says Miki Hakak, CMO & Head of OEM Business, Appnext.

Enabling Mobile App Monetization for OEMs and Carriers
If we look at the OEMs and mobile carriers, although they are late entrants into this market, we are witnessing a growing awareness among them to increase monetization of their user touch points and drive incremental revenues. They are looking to extend the value of their customer relationship beyond the initial sale or monthly bill cycle by improving customer app discovery experiences and, in turn, increase their revenues. Partnering with some of the big players in this segment, Appnext is providing them with a variety of advertising possibilities, including native ads, interstitial ads, widgets and more, that OEMs and carriers are deploying on their phones. The company has built a strong business relationship with some of the top OEMs and carriers, providing them with best practices and world-class monetization tools.

Appnext has made its mark in the global as well as India market by leveraging its proprietary technology, SDK and its global network ecosystem

“We have in-house R&D and Product teams, backed by business analytics resources, which enable us to work side by side with our customers and service their evolving needs. We adhere to their requirements and pain points, as we work with them on providing the best advertising experience to their users. We will continue working with the industry leaders in a continuous effort to meet with their evolving challenges and needs,” adds Miki. Appnext was founded in the year 2012 and today it has more than 100 employees deployed around the world in different locations including India, China, US, Ukraine, Israel, Cyprus and Korea.