Vernost Marketing Services: Underpinning Marketing Technology Suite for Better Customer Engagements

CIO Vendor Regardless of industry, today's businesses have made significant investments in various marketing technologies to attain customers, perceive their journey and retain them. While endeavouring to perceive the behaviour of the digitally empowered customer, they require remarkable marketing solutions not only to apprehend customer journey and touch points but also keep them engaged at every stage. This is where Vernost Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. enters with a marketing technology suite named Vernost Marketing Suite (VMS) which encompasses entire customer journey and touch points right from converting Guest users to Members, Gamification, Referral Engagement, Loyalty and Redemptions to Analytics and Campaigns. “Our VMS platform gives tools to understand customer behaviour and keep them engaged at every stage. Our clients attain higher engagement with their customers when they move to VMS Suite,” unveils Pankaj Tripathi, Director of Vernost Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. With VMS, it provides clients a 360-degree view of their digital marketing spending.

Apprehending necessity of Loyalty industry to secure transaction processing, core points or wallet stored value, Vernost offers a Loyalty Engagement System which is India's first Blockchain Enabled Loyalty Platform. “We are in B2B space providing VMS as PaaS with blockchain enablement of the distributed ledger of stored value. We haven’t seen any other players as comprehensive as us on marketing technology realm combined with block chain enablement,” affirms Pankaj Tripathi. A side from Loyalty Platform, Vernost also offers a Gift Card platform, a digital voucher stored value platform, with blockchain enablement on transaction processing and aids to track transactions in real-time. It helps its clients' customers buy gift cards real-time with chosen template or they can create their own template. Furthermore, its Merchant module helps merchants recognize what is
sold, redeemed and settled. The entire platform is based on pay per use model. As it is integrated with VMS, Gift Card platform attains capability to slice and dice data and analytics to automate campaigns on single click or event-based automated triggers.

We are in B2B space providing VMS as PaaS with blockchain enablement of the distributed ledger of stored value

As people seek recommendations from friends and family for a purchase, referral marketing has an inevitable role in the present marketing technology landscape. For attaining more referrals, Vernost offers its Referral platform which is a hassle-free marketing technology platform.

According to Pankaj Tripathi,“Our Referral platform is feature rich to create all sorts of referral campaigns online and real-time. It allows you from Member Get Member (MGM) program to Employee Referral and non member Referral programs”. It is capable of synchronizing contacts from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Phone, and running multiple campaigns at a time. Moreover, this platform enables B2B2C customers to achieve more and accomplish target marketing with absolute ROI driven campaigns.

Certainly, Vernost foresees a bright future for marketers to offer cutting edge solutions and perform ROI based marketing campaigns.“ Vernost is focused on providing PaaS and some innovative products to marketers. We are achieving 100 percent growth in the last couple of years and looking forward to outspread in the Middle East and Africa as we have already acquired few customers in those regions,” winds up Pankaj Tripathi.