Value Direct Communication Pvt. Ltd: The Transformers of Lead Generation Industry

CIO Vendor Digital marketing technology has revolutionized the way business is carried out. Technology advancements make it imperative for businesses to move with technology. Marketing and technology work hand in hand to create new methods for companies to target consumers and leverage the digital marketing landscape. Brands have adopted marketing technologies after realizing its importance for increasing business productivity. The marketers today aren’t only looking for branding and engagement but also expect a good return on investment. Gone are the days when marketers solely relied only on branding for boosting their revenue, now they are more focused towards performance. This is where Value Direct Communications, headquartered in Mumbai comes into the picture. The company leverages marketing technology and automation to increase sales and ROI for its clients.

Value Direct has eliminated stereotypes concerning technology by delivering results and using technology to boost sales across various sectors. Their innovative technological methodology has helped deliver more than two million leads to hundreds of clients in the last year.

Value Direct is the foremost performance marketing agency in India.“The acceptability for Marketing Technologies on brand side is enormous. There is a realization that marketing technologies can increase business productivity, both immediately and long term basis. This will bring down the incremental cost of acquisition. It provides opportunities for real-time marketing by enabling quick responses to customers and helping analyze customer requirements” remarks Haresh Ramchandani, CEO & Founder of Value Direct
Communications Pvt ltd. Value Direct’s targeted communication ensures increased customer engagement and conversion rate using key data metrics. Social media is a powerful tool in the modern day and Value Direct is one of the early adopters of social media as a sales tool. Haresh elaborates further,“Social media has earned recognition of being a ‘branding tool’. A lot of eye-balls pop up when we say that social media can get you sales. Our focus is to maximize revenue and we take a very tactical approach for any of our client’s campaigns on social media platforms to achieve that!”

The company is able to commit to its clients not just on leads but also on the number of conversions they will get using Value Direct’s Marketing Technology Solutions

They say ‘Action speaks louder than words’ stands true for Value Direct. Value Direct is run by innovators and digital marketers who follow a strategic approach in bringing value to its customers. The performance driven company has transformed the lead generation industry and strives for excellence in every aspect. The market is permeating with social media and digital marketing agencies but none of them can utilize marketing technology like Value Direct. The company is able to commit to its clients not just on leads but also on the number of conversions they will get using Value Direct’s Marketing Technology Solutions. Haresh concludes by saying,“We are continuously in look out for either buying or building solutions that can help brands acquire more customers at lowest cost. We are expecting that the next 12-24 months will be the most exciting for MarTech solutions. We are now in touch with some of our international counterparts & exploring opportunities there.