Tiemchart: Demystifying Project Management for Effective Bottom Line Results

CIO Vendor From the traditional method of marketing to advanced approach for reaching out to the bigger audience, marketing technology landscape has come a long way. Today's technology proliferation has revamped the way enterprises interact with their teams and customers. In a dynamic business environment, enterprises' marketing team confronts unplanned activities, chaos and cost overrun while launching a new product or adding new territory, resulting in constant team meeting and progress reporting. In such a scenario, relevance of project management software which can manage enterprise task and resources is increasing.

Guwahati headquartered Tiemchart set foot in marketing technology realm with its enterprise project management software solution named Tiemchart. The solution enables clients to improve their busness performance and productivity, and ameliorates bottom line results. Being a Global IT platform for project management, it breaks down a project into several tasks, assigns resources to those tasks and monitors cost in real-time. “Tiemchart provides cutting edge technology for better task management and team collaboration. The entire project can be micromanaged online. Additionally, the system is packed with advanced project decision making tool such as critical path, earliest start, free float etc”, unveils Biraj Borah, Founder of Tiemchart.

Industries like construction, consulting and engineering have diversified challenges and require different set of reports, thereby the company offers industry specific project management software. According to Biraj Borah, “Tiemchart builds specialized reports for each different sector of project based companies to better manage their projects. While most of the project management software gives
solution around physical progress, Tiemchart has got added advantage of a truly project accounting system as well. Using traditional system, you were allowed to view financial statement at company or total project level, Tiemchart allows you to break down the statement at individual activity level, monthly progress level or even at account code level. Furthermore, heavy engineering of specialbine, heavy machine etc. require custom design and solution for each order. To manage such specialized projects, Tiemchart provides its platform where user can enter detailed task and sub tasks. Once the detailed plan is established, allocating human and capital resources becomes much easier. Also, the platform has the ability to add images and files into each progress.

Tiemchart allows you to break down the statement at individual activity level, monthly progress level or even at account code level

Tiemchart is available on cloud platform with user access control features. It helps access the system online via any device. “When a marketing company works for a particular client, it offers restricted login access to the client to see their project progress in real time live from their desk. This will save 100’s of hours on preparing regular reports to clients as they can watch them online,” affirms Biraj Borah. Besides, Tiemchart enables systematic approach in identifying various stages of project much earlier to avoid ultimate chaos. Once the project plan and stages are clearly defined, managing time and allocating resources to each stage become much easier.

“Tiemchart invests time and resource on SaaS platform and aims to make it easier for companies to use the software on per user per month basis. Along with our presence in India, we envisage expanding overseas via our cloud based platform,” signs off Biraj Borah.