TRIAD Technologies: Assisting Channel-led Businesses to Achieve High ROI

CIO Vendor The rapid growth of e-commerce business globally, the offline sales channels are facing competitive pressure like never before. In order to stay competitive and relevant they need to adopt technologies that enable better efficiencies and greater effectiveness in the way they do business. Be it smoother flow of transaction data across various channel layers, using gamification techniques to enhance engagement across the sales force or predictive forecasting for efficient inventory management.

With almost a decade of industry rich experience, TRIAD Technologies facilitates businesses across a broad range of industries with a comprehensive suite of technological solutions in the channel and trade marketing domain. The solutions offered are scalable and feature-rich for all levels of channel marketing right to the points of distribution (multi-layered) or the last mile connect of the In-Store Demonstrator or Sales Promoter. ARMS Enterprise, ARMS Lite, ADAMS and VMX belong to the suite of technology products offered with the ability to automate and enable a gamut of channel sales processes.

Simple ‘Salesforce technology’ is often a mirage,some times it’s real.

ARMS Enterprise is a solution which frees the sales managers to focus on real sales rather than grinding the wheels for channel data. A technology solution that gives you counter level RoI,on your mobile device. The same solution integrates with partner/distributor billing systems like Tally,enables your app on third party manpower. And that’s not all;you can run partner/ retailer/ sales force schemes or loyalty programs.

ARMS Enterprise, a flagship product of the company, acts as a catalyst in creating visibility of product movement at multiple levels in the channel ranging from the corporate to the customer. The visibility obtained acts as the focal point in streamlining last mile sales operations, driving efficiencies, increasing effectiveness of field
sales teams and so on. The product enables organizations to track and keep account of ‘counter level’ return on investments on a real time basis. Gradually, the system can predict suitable interventions as well. Ashish goes on to elaborate, “Having such intelligence built into a self-learning system gives the sales/business teams the where with all to execute smart iterations all the time,to create real exponential value again and again.”

ARMS Enterprise is a solution which frees the sales managers to focus on real sales rather than grinding the wheels for channel data

New Delhi based TRIAD Technologies weaves the perfect trade and channel technology solutions by leveraging gamification and data sciences to increase engagement at all levels of the channel stakeholders.“Our differentiating factor lies in our focus on using advance data algorithms and predictive forecasting to assist tactical decision making at a channel level,” reveals Ashish Choudhary, Business Head, TRIAD Technologies.

In addition to this, the ARMS Lite product with its flexibility proffers a holistic view of stock visibility across the channel, effectively reduces and controls channel sales and increases channel revenue. Delving deeper into this offering, once the entire channel is mapped in the product,one has to simply select the desired combination of targeted audience and roll out the dynamic schemes that can be instantaneously viewed by the partners.

As TRIAD Technologies continues to design and deploy solutions in the channel and trade marketing domains, Ashish believes that data led interventions, gamification and other behavioural sciences will play a pertinent role in the way trade marketing technology will evolve.Carving out a niche space for themselves as the best trade and channel technology partners (not just software vendors), TRIAD Technologies endeavours to continue to maintain their leadership position.