Soffront Software, Inc: Ensuring Success with Marketing Automation and CRM

CIO Vendor Marketing automation is an indispensable part of businesses today. Owing to enormous benefits it entails to corporate marketers, sales personnel and customers, we see an escalation in its adoption rate. It is an essential component of the majority of businesses such as restaurants, real estate, consulting, and service providers. Sales and marketing are evolving together, changing with times, which mean that modern CRM should reflect these changes. With combined processes, one can easily accelerate the lead’s lifecycle by integrating customer data with behavior tracking and make it easy for companies to interact with prospective leads and customers. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Soffront Software has combined Marketing Automation and CRM into one solution for small and medium businesses. “Often two separate solutions integrated together do not provide real-time 2-way communication resulting in loss or an incomplete history of the customer. Secondly, the combined solution is affordable based on the ROI (return on investment). Thirdly, businesses can waste a lot of time learning, managing multiple solutions, and maintaining data integrity among them,” elucidates Manu Das, Founder and CEO, Soffront.

Unlike other major marketing automation companies, Soffront has been a trusted partner of companies for 25 years and provides both software and managed marketing services. Soffront realized that their customers do not have the expertise to automate marketing and achieve leads. “We create landing pages and marketing funnel for our clients to ensure a steady flow of leads every week and the marketing funnel is converting visitors into qualified leads. We monitor the marketing funnel for the best conversion. We score the leads based on the interactions of the contact with our customers’ marketing
messages,”remarks Das.

Soffront has a successful and affordable on boarding process that is run by a highly experienced technical and customer success team that works as consultants and understands customer’s business goals with marketing automation, and CRM. The CRM database is very customizable and comes with apoint and click and drag and drop interfaces. The software tracks what emails are sent, opened, and what links were clicked. It tracks visits to each page of your website. It collects information from web forms, and landing pages, to ascertain a clear understanding of the product the customer is interested in.

Unlike other major marketing automation companies, Soffront has been a trusted partner of companies for 25 years and provides both software and managed marketing services

What differentiates Soffront from its competitors is that it is not just another marketing automation company. It provides managed services to ensure success with Marketing Automation and CRM. The company is perfectly positioned to help millions of small and medium businesses in India to get ROI from automation and Managed Marketing Services. Soffront endeavors to add an inbox into its SMB product so that there wouldn’t be a requirement to use Outlook or Gmail. “We are committed to seeing your business succeed. You have one application to send and receive email, track your customers, and make phone calls. We are also offering SEO, paid advertisement, and Social mediamarketing services, to add value to our customers,” concludes Das.