Loyalie IT Solutions: Converting Leads with an Efficient Referral Marketing Software

CIO Vendor We have witnessed a strato spherical rise in the adoption rate of marketing technologies implemented by organizations, which over a very short period of time become an integral part of the product or company. The objective is to utilize digital storytelling to create an experience and engage buyers to create a loyal customer base which provides a steady revenue stream.

Obtaining and converting leads into customers is quite the arduous task. Referral marketing is one of the effective lead generation processes that leverage customers to refer the product into their professional and personal networks. The quality takes precedence over quantity in the referral marketing strategy of companies, failing which the company can lead itself to bankruptcy on wild goose chases. Loyalie IT Solutions, headquartered in Kolkata, exceeds customer expectations with their Referral Marketing Software offering which boasts of incurring a company less than half of its alternate marketing costs. The system is engineered to manage omnichannel referral programs. Akhil Saraf, Founder, Loyalie adds,“So whether customers are interacting with a storefront POS or a backend CRM system, we integrate with all platforms to deliver meaningful referral program wherein all customers could benefit and participate in the same.”

With its advanced marketing platform and team of skilled professionals, Loyalie has progressed from the traditional concept of physical loyalty cards and has moved further towards a more organized and digitalized version. It proffers an integrated solution for customer acquisition, engagement and customer retention, combined with brand affinity and automated marketing needs. This platform permits organizations to reach out to the targeted customers across the broad spectrum of industry domains.
In conjunction with acquiring customers, Loyalie assists businesses in engaging and retaining customers post acquisition. The team extends its services to ensure the customers are engaged with their robust data analytics platform. Studies on customers’ behavioural patterns are conducted to gain insights and better engage them. Using these insights the cost of engagement can be reduced and the returns, maximized. Additionally, the solution encompasses a private and user-friendly feedback system aiding one to redress customer grievances before they go public.

Loyalie has progressed from the traditional concept of physical loyalty cards and has moved further towards a more organized and digitalized version

The futuristic loyalty software is incorporated within a smartphone with mobile devices becoming ubiquitous. The solution can be tailor-made adhering to every business’s specific requirements with the assistance of consultants and their industry rich knowledge. The software retains the customers at a cost which 80 percent less than that anticipated to secure new customers. Further more, it can be combined with the referral and automated marketing solutions as well.

The loyalty card, customer referral and automated marketing application is currently supported on both iOS and Android platforms and has been well received by the Indian market. Enthralled by their progress in the marketing technology realm, Loyalie envisages extending their market reach across 12 countries in the next one year through their channel partners with the goal of pioneering the market.