Celltick: Revolutionizing Mobile Marketing with BI and Analytics Driven Solutions

CIO Vendor Of over 950 million mobile subscriber base in India, nine out of ten new users of the internet are coming on-board via mobile. Mobile today is the only medium that can deliver high reach, engagement and high efficiency coupled with personalization through video, audio or gaming content. While mobile marketing currently procures a relatively smaller share of massive digital ad spending, a quarter of digital ad spending in 2017 will be mobile based.

Tapping into the nascent Indian mobile marketing market, Celltick Mobile Media (India) is driving mobile engagement and boosting the discovery of content, services and apps to the mass market. A dominant player in the segment, Celltick leverages the innovative technologies and mass-market solutions to provide mobile operators, OEMs and app developers with the opportunity to monetize on the medium while engaging their users the moment they wake up to their phones.

Celltick’s patented platform, LiveScreen which has over 250 million users, has been developed to absorb the user intelligently with screen saver content. The product equipped with next generation interactive and intelligent SMS will soon allow adding interactive offerings for targeted users, embedded in the notification sent to them via service enterprise such as banks, insurance companies, e-commerce and more. Ranked among the top 200 applications on Google play Celltick’s solution for Android- Start replaces the opening screen of devices to provide users additional benefits. The product opens up a wide variety of customizing options for images, themes as well as quick launch apps allowing every user to choose their own flavour. The firm has also put forth Start Magazine, a Content as a Service (CaaS)platform. App developers can leverage the solution for content from
over 200 countries with different languages, lifestyles, and tastes. Clients are also free to opt for the magazine in Magazine- As-A-Service model where by they are free to pick any content from any category within a few clicks.

Celltick’s solutions support 2G/3G/4G networks and are targeted at the feature as well as smart phone users

Celltick’s solutions support 2G/3G/4G networks and are targeted at the feature as well as smart phone users. The solutions are powered by extensive BI and analytics capabilities that ensure that users are targeted with content that is unique and relevant to each user. With nine out of ten SIM cards integrated with the Celltick applet and an estimated 650 million subscribers, the firm has penetrated deep into the country’s network. This has resulted in an ecosystem that allows Celltick to expand their business portfolio beyond the traditional telecom business to offer new, practical solutions and global services to many enterprises across the country, which need or utilize the unique interactive access to the mass market.

The firm has been also enabling governments in various countries to communicate with their citizens during times of emergency through Mass Alert. The mission critical solution is powered by cell broadcast technology together with SMS, ensuring the delivery of real-time messages in short time, for targeted areas even if the network is congested. In line with Celltick’ vision of enabling efficiency and providing value to the entire ecosystem of operators, mobile consumers, enterprises and government, the firm is constantly working to improve its product offering and deliver utmost user satisfaction.