Krono iinc: One Stop Shop for Marketing Solutions

CIO Vendor The precision with which an enterprise can plan and analyze the efficacy of the marketing campaign is at best when correct marketing tools are used. If left to manual calculations, there is room for error. With this regard, Marketing technology vendors do embed good strategies by understanding the correct target group and devising appropriate content, yet do not provide complete transparency in the service. In addition, providing customized marketing services under one roof with regular ROI is another challenging task faced by marketing technology vendors. “Krono iinc comes in handy as a one stop marketing technology shop to help businesses with the correct database, media tools and marketing solutions; which focuses on ROI and provides results that businesses desire,” asserts Manoj Rathi, CEO at Krono iinc - Marketing and Technology Solutions.

Krono iinc provides low-cost media marketing solutions for property marketing

Since its inception in 2006, this Mumbai based company has been focusing on providing ROI and treats every marketing campaign of its clients as another step to a long term relationship.
Krono ensures that correct messages are sent to the desired groups by providing service in the field of Email marketing, database management, digital communication, lead generation apart from direct and brand marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Krono iinc team digs deep into the details of the service offering of the client and recommends best marketing practices accordingly. Manoj further briefs that apart from providing complete campaign execution service and marketing solutions, Krono iinc team helps clients with response collection and in initial round of filtration so that Krono’s customers are capable of seeking genuine clients much faster.Particularly for Real Estate Industry, Krono iinc takes a step further and assists builders and brokers with property marketing by generating leads and site visits. “In the highly competitive world of property development, Krono iinc provides low-cost media marketing solutions for property marketing, taking Real Estate business to the next level,” adds Manoj. To corroborate the fact, the company has dealt with over 250 builders and 1200 brokers in the last ten years which has helped them transcend their property stakes to a whole new level. Apart from the various marketing technology solutions offerings, Krono team has complete understanding of various regulations and ensures that legal stand is covered completely. Manoj explains that approaching every platform in the correct way is the right thing to do and believes that clients should also consider following it.

The CEO further opines that in near future no marketing campaign will be completed if digital platforms are not a part of it. Since its inception, the company has catered to over 5000 corporate customers and is confident to effectively do the same for international customers. Manoj envisions Krono iinc as the largest digital outreach company of India by 2020 and assures launching new services in the near future.