Exioms Theory: Providing Integrated Marketing Technology Solutions for Building Powerful Brand

CIO Vendor Bulging data and transparency in cost structure of brands has created a stronger competitive environment. It has hence become paramount to make a brand more understanding and popular. “A brand needs to tell the story and not just sell an idea or its features. The company which can understand the brand and tell a great story will gain competitive advantage,” says Dileep Seinberg, Founder & Director of Exioms Theory. However, companies providing Marketing Technology solutions usually focus on targeting more customers and ignore the aspect of building powerful brand that people can engage with. So, it is not just vital to reach more customers, but is also necessary to build an established brand that customers can reach back again in the future. Pune based Exioms Theory, a branding and digital marketing organization, offers Digital Marketing solutions that not only help organization reach their customers, but build a powerful brand. Digital Marketing service by Exioms encompasses Search Engine Optimization service, Pay per Click service, E-mail marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

Exioms Theory understands the perspective of businesses with an aim to make client’s brand well known. “Exioms follows a humanistic approach to make a significant presence online. We provide human touch and perspective to customer deliveries which is core to any brand success,” explains Dileep Seinberg, Founder & Director of the company.Exioms is a collaboration of technology and human intelligence and the company’s client engagement approach provides dedicated account
services with more personalized experience. “Our customer segregation analysis by understanding the core of brand reaches with significant information to targeted audience. This gives enterprises a clear picture of their prospective customers in a personalized way,” points out Mrityunjaya Prajapati, Founder & Director of Exioms Theory.As a certified Google Analytics partner having over 20 certified professionals, Exioms provides personalized SEO solutions and online campaign for the enterprises. The Personalized SEO service enables marketers to see clear picture of potential clients. “Exioms’ SEO Positioning Service is structured to provide top rankings to a low to moderate competitive keywords as well as very high competitive keywords,” explains Mrityunjaya.

Exioms follows a humanistic approach to make a significant presence online

In addition to SEO service, the company has focused exclusively on brand building and providing ROI to enterprises by strategically performing Pay per click PPC Campaign Management, E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management. “At Exioms, we prepare monthly reports that summarize all the activities for the client, and list the ranking and link popularity of website,” adds Mrityunjaya. Both the founders Mrityunjaya and Dileep envision Exioms to become one of the world’s largest Technology, Internet, and Software & Media Conglomerates by 2030. “Exioms was established in 2010 initially as an IT service provider and today Exioms is growing with highly competitive edge by providing unique marketing solutions to enterprises,” signs off Mrityunjaya.