CustomerLabs: Customer-centric Marketing Technology Platform

CIO Vendor Businesses need to understand their customers to serve them better. Collecting, organizing and making sense from tons of high quality data is a daunting IT task. Not all organizations are equipped with data-science teams to do that.

Digital Marketing is most effective when reaching out to customers at the right time. Today, Digital Marketers are heavily dependent on their colleagues in other departments such as IT/Data Science, for collecting data, organizing and maintaining it. Be it a request for a report or need to make any changes to analytic tracking on the website, they need to wait for quite some time. More often, the delay reduces the timeliness and effectiveness of the campaigns.

However, the challenges for the Digital Marketers continue. To acquire new customers, they must know who their present customer is. Predicting who is their next customer - is still like “shooting in the dark”.

CustomerLabs has built a plug-and-play software that will help Digital Marketers collect, organize and make sense of data without heavily relying on colleagues in other departments including data-science. Their predictive analytics and machine learning based algorithms suggest different customer segments that one shall go hammer and tongs after.

By measuring and tracking numerous anonymous variables such as – age, gender, location, web activity, interests, frequency of visit and the like – they build new clusters based on product interests, influence, purchasing power, life-time value and high paying customers. This information is fed back into
the campaigns in near real-time, making them more effective.Data and insights have existed since the days of spreadsheets. However, what makes these insights meaningful is the action that people take based on them.

Action Ticker – a unique feature that CustomerLabs has built drives Digital Marketers to take actions. It helps in identifying the right users to target and pro-actively reach out to them via Email, Facebook, or Display ads. This helps in increasing the product engagement, reducing churn and increasing marketing ROI.

CustomerLabs has built a plug-and-play software that will help Digital Marketers collect

Every prospective customer goes through a certain sequence of steps (a Customer Journey) before becoming a customer. Based on these stages and intelligent data points, CustomerLabs can personalize the message for each and every stage/member and perform funnel analysis for further insights.

CustomerLabs claims that their software has been providing good results to their customers. Some of their customers have seen an improvement in conversion rates from their existing rate of 4-5 percent to 23 percent, an increase of 19 percent.

Their current focus is on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based companies. However, they intend to expand to other verticals such as Lead generation businesses and E-commerce segment.

With customers from UK, Japan and India, they plan to acquire new customers from North America and Ireland.