Corefactors Software & Communication Services: Providing Customized Marketing and Communication Solu

CIO Vendor Marketing has undoubtedly become one of the most tech-dependent functions for businesses. It is because marketing solutions reduce four-fifth of the effort of marketing managers. Gartner has predicted that by 2017, CMOs would be spending more on technology than CIOs have been. However, current marketing technologies that CMOs and marketers utilize, are either not integrated or do not provide a clear reporting and ROI measurement. Marketers and CMOs need a solution which has the capability to handle multichannel campaigns in one single platform. In addition, the marketing solution should also provide relevant data and regular ROI. Delivering the requisite is Bangalore based Corefactors Software & Communication Services.

This integrated marketing and communication Technology Company offers cloud based marketing and communication solutions in one single platform and ensures that post marketing customers are able to communicate with leads in a professional ways. Corefactors, a 14 member team helps enterprises perform mobile marketing, missed call marketing and voice marketing across different channels using a single cloud telephony platform known as Teleduce. “Teleduce enables enterprises/SME’s to segment & manage contacts, run multichannel campaigns through SMS, Email, and Voice. It also tracks the responses via inbound channels and auto engage with the contacts,” explains Sharmila S, Co-founder and CEO at Corefactors Software & Communication Services. She further briefs that Teleduce tracks the conversation(across channels) between sales executives and customers and provides conversation history that are recorded. “Teleduce system is capable of receiving/dialing more than 1000 calls at a time, can deliver millions of SMS & Emails which ensures scalable infrastructure at lower cost that are payable on usage basis,” adds Mr Vimal, Senior Solution Consultant.Corefactors also provides communication specific solutions to verify landline or

mobile phone numbers.Corefactors offers three different out of the box features for telephone number verification. One is One Time Password (OTP) over SMS channel, Missed call based verification and voice call based verification.Corefactors builds industry specific communication solutions which is highly customizable to support different business processes. Recently Corefactors has built human resources and real estate industry specific communication solutions to help them achieve higher productivity and efficiency in communication needs. It also generates customizable reports as per the business needs.

Corefactors offers three different out of the box features for telephone number verification

Corefactors team has also developed a solution for businesses to connect to leads instantly where lead connect time is critical. Connectz, the solution connects the lead and sales team without any delay over a call. “Teleduce based Connectz solution is enabled with lead management capability which offers configuration to connect leads after office hours,” adds Mr Karthikeyan, Technical Head. In addition, Teleduce supports auto engage content delivery to leads. Mr Mei, Technical head details about analytics solutions where business can integrate and play on communication & other business data and generate necessary reports.

Integrated marketing solutions of Corefactors ultimately empower companies to create and trigger campaigns, define targets and generate clear reporting view. Teleduce has strong notification mechanism which sends detailed reporting mails as per the business needs. Sharmila believes that personalized content delivery service makes a lot of sense for any organization and she concludes that Corefactors is confident to deliver better digital marketing and communication tools for the better in present and in coming years.(Corefactors Software & Communication Services is now Adnaks Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)