Ardent Knowledge & Research Services: Optimizing Market Data to Provide Better Business Opportunitie

CIO Vendor Research activities that are performed without the assistance of marketing research vendors tend to be more time consuming and uneconomical; which leave employees with less time to focus on core business activities. As a result, companies either lose better business opportunities or lose face value in the market. Fortunately, there are numerous marketing research vendors that provide useful information and data. However, although many marketing research vendors enable enterprises to make better competent decisions by providing useful data, but are uncomfortable or do not reveal the data collection process.

Jabalpur based Ardent Knowledge and Research Services boasts of its transparent data collection process in which the company gives its clients full knowledge and control of the integrity of data. “Our ready-to-execute solutions with excellent turnaround time, knowledge management tools and transparent data management service have always kept us at par with marketing research competitors in the market,” says Archana Dubey, Managing Director at Ardent Knowledge & Research Services. Founded in 2009, the company offers Market Intelligence Solutions, analysis and survey activities to enterprises from various sectors to enable them to make better business decisions. Analysis and survey activities done by Ardent encompass services such as Mailers, Online newsletter, e-Advertising and m-Marketing, to help clients be in touch with each prospect and provide them valuable information on the latest trends happening in the Industry.Archana further explains that the company believes in providing responsible
recommendations to address business requirements by working as an internal consultant to a client rather than just being any other third-party Market Intelligence Solutions provider. Ardent offers Market Intelligence Solutions through Business Analysis, Peer Analysis, Product Analysis and Consumer Surveys. “During every analysis and survey project, Ardent closely studies the market movement and provides in-depth data of market segmentation, customer buying behavior, customer satisfaction indexes, buying trends and information pertaining to impact of various advertisements,” adds Archana.

Ardent offers Market Intelligence Solutions through Business Analysis, Peer Analysis, Product Analysis and Consumer Surveys

For providing market intelligence solutions, Ardent has developed a proprietary Master Database. “Our database-led marketing capabilities, when combined with our Tele-Services, enable enterprises to gain higher customer acquisition and ROI,” points out Archana. The data which the company gathers through multiple channel is tabulated in an excel sheet which is known as Ardent Data Repository (ADR). The sheet aids clients in reaching out to the most appropriate target companies directly using Ardent’s verified contact details, ultimately enabling customers to save time and reach out to the potential customers in no time. Going forward, Archana foresees Ardent Knowledge as a full-fledged market intelligence company having apt capability of conducting all types of research activities such as individual interviews, telephone surveys, mail surveys, Internet surveys and among others across India and globally.